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up next on a second look it's the most exciting time of the year for baseball fans. >> hey what's happening? we did it. you got that right. october and the major league play offs. we'll have highlights from the 2010 world series and show you not only the ground breaking for at&t park but the stadium's
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first opening day as well. plus we talk with willie mccubbie about the 1962 world series and what the 2010 victory meant to him. all straight ahead to be the on a second look. hello everyone i'm frank somerville and welcome to a second look. the san francisco giants began postseason play for the second time. the goal was to do exactly what they did just two years ago and win the world series. for giants fans, that game is something they cannot relive too often. >> will the city of san francisco finally win its ever world series? >> reporter: tim lincecum got hit and hit hard early. >> right back up the middle off lincecum a run will score and the first run of this world series belongs to texas. >> cliff lee was 7-0 all time
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in past season play. the giants scored six times in the 5th inning alone. >> and the giants get their first lead of the night. >> reporter: freddy sanchez spent parts of 10 major league seasons before reaching the play offs and while struggling with injuries since he came to san francisco, freddy turned into a full fledged giant when he became the first giant ever to hit six off the same bat. but the giants were not done. >> 2-0. high fly ball to left. uribe shoots one out. >> reporter: rangers try to come back but giants win game one 11-7. giants matt cain didn't allow an earned run through the
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entire postseason but in game two he got lucky. >> back is torrez at the wall and this ball hits the top of the wall. comes back into play for a double. >> reporter: edgar renteria collected two rbis. renteria was a nonfactor in the postseason. but on one of two with a previous world series experience. they take a 2-0 world series lead. 3-run shot. 3-0 texas. >> reporter: but rangers rookie mitch moreland was the hero. ryan's rangers win 3-2 to get right back in the series. game four on halloween night was so big it took two presidents to get it start. >> you have a 24-year-old on the mound, a 23-year-old catching it. >> reporter: baumgartner needed
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a lot of help but tossed a shut out over 8 innings. baumgartner finished the season 2-0 making his father very proud. >> they say your son has a little nasty streak in him. where did that come from? >> his mother. >> down to right, this ball is gone for a 2-run home run. >> reporter: aubrey grew up in the dallas area and was a huge rangers fan. >> i remember for a second i was looking up the stands where i saturday as a kid eating dollar hot dogs. it was real surreal. >> for the win, he's got it. 4-0 san francisco and they're up 3-1 in this 2010 world series. >> one game away and we can all feel it and taste it and smell it and everything. >> and javi is gone, he likes
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to wear bow ties. >> reporter: it was time for lincecum to get down to business. >> line drive into center base hit on an 0-2 pitch. and the bunt is a good one. the play by lee for the out. second and third one away. two out and a huge strike out for cliff lee. now it's renteria for 2-0 it's hit high in the air into left center field. back is murphy on the run. 3-run home run renteria. and a 3-0 san francisco lead in the seventh. >> you can understand pitching to it. i don't know about renteria.
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>> now it's square it's -- squarely in the lap of tim lincecum. 3-1. nelson cruz goes deep in the seventh. molina strikes out, back to back strike outs for lincecum. here it is, struck him out. and for the first time since 1954, the giants are world champions. >> still to come on a second look, from ground breaking to the first opening day. the story of at&t park. and a bit later, what has will clark so excited? >> huh, no way, no way. i've been waiting a long time for this. ?
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most baseball observers will tell you that at&t park is the best ballpark in the country. but it didn't come easy. the giant's chose a former industrial area south of market and had to win a public vote to build stadium. but on december 11, 1967 giant officials gathered with players, fans and city officials to break grounds. and rob roth was there. >> reporter: at noon today thousands of people gathered in what will soon be pacific bell park the new home of the san francisco giants. the crowd was bigger here at that vacant lot at third and king street than it sometimes is at a baseball game at golden
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gate park. giants, players, politicians and fans came together to celebrate the park. >> it's going to be something that we're involved in. it'll be here forever. and it's very significant day for everybody. >> it's going to mean a lot for san francisco, it's going to mean a lot for downtown. it's going to mean a lot for the san francisco giants. >> reporter: giant's president mcgowen, giant's greats willie mays and willie mccubbie all grabbed shovels and and dug in. >> the people are starting to ask us what is the street address. we will like to announce that in the year 2000 you can direct all of your giant's fan mail, all of your mail to willie to
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pacific well park one willie mays plaza, san francisco 94107. >> thank you, thank you. >> i just about got away from crying. i was on the verge of leaving, but when someone like that talk about you, making you believe that this ballpark was built for you, it's wonderful. all i can say peter, thank you. >> reporter: this day comes after voters rejected four separate ballot measures to finance new ballparks and after the giants twice almost left
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the bay area completely. >> we almost lost the giants. we almost lost them twice. i don't think i would live the day that they would still be here in san francisco. >> i just wish they would have had a downtown park when i was playing. >> why? >> it just happened. i just thought it was good for the city. >> reporter: with pacific bell having paid $50 million for the naming rights for 24 years the giants new stadium was known as pacbell park when it officially opened. 12 days later the giants would play their first regular season game in pacbell facing the dodgers. mark ibanez was there for the sights and sounds of opening day at the new ball park. >> reporter: opening day 2000, thanks to pacific bell and the giants had become a true san francisco happening.
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>> ♪ they just put butterflies in my stomach. it was so beautiful. and it was some of them were like ribbons up there just falling down. it was so beautiful. it was well worth topping off a fantastic day. >> ♪
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>> as the company changed its name from pac bell to sbc to at&t the ballpark changed names right with it. one thing that did not change was the wide variety of high quality food you could find in the concession stands. in 2007, ktvu's mark curtis gave us a look at all the amazing things you could get to eat at at&t park. >> reporter: there's a saying a walk is as good as a hit. and when it comes to at&t we're not kidding. there's chinese to mexican. >> it's their chance to get out in front of everybody and do what they do. it's our chance too. >> reporter: only in san francisco would a ballpark feature a certified organic farmers market. fresh fruits and veggies, strawberry short cake too. >> what do people say about them? >> they say it's the greatest things in the ballpark. >> reporter: that's her
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opinion, but now it's time for me to start my own research. >> this is orange chicken. >> and this is beef and broccoli. >> oh, this is very good. >> this is beef broccoli. >> let me try that one. beautiful. >> reporter: some die-hard fans are more traditional baseball foodies. >> what's your favorite food at the ballpark? >> hot dog. >> what are you having? >> garlic fries. >> what are you having? >> a brat and a beer. >> reporter: still nothing says baseball better than hot dogs and sausages. and thousands of fans walk through the ballpark here is the story by the numbers. other 1 million hot dogs and sausages sold every year at at&t park. this being the fan favorite. the chaboygan brat. there are 24 different varieties of hot dogs and sausages sold here, if that's not enough, 41 different kinds of beer to wash it all down.
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certainly in the sea of fan and foodies there's a sea of favorites. >> garlic fries. >> pizza. >> popcorn. >> reporter: like the pipe piper, the cheboygan brat just kept calling my name. >> makes a beautiful brat. >> this is the way you eat it? >> that's the way i would eat it. willie mccubbie talks about the world series and what the giant's series win meant to him. >> plus it was an unscripted moment on live tv. >> now we're going to the pros. >> follow second look on facebook and twitter. why shop t.j.maxx and marshalls?
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one. you get all the awesome brand names. two. you get them for less than department stores, and that's awesome. three. she'll think you look stylish and awesome. four. you'll actually be awesome, which is awesome. t.j.maxx and marshalls. two awesome ways to score. 50 years ago the giants played in their first world series since moving from new york to san francisco. and one of the stars of that series in 1962 was willie
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mccubbie the man known as stretch. he is so respected that the team has a players award named after him. buster posey won it this year. >> reporter: it's still a bit of a mystery how the giant's hall of fame gladlen gloves of the 60s never won a series. and how they only made one appearance. willie mccubbie retired in the 60s but still attends games. he felt as elated when the 2010 team finally broke through. >> that was evident at the parade. we brought the whole community along with them. so it was very exciting. >> reporter: mccubbie is the product of not just a different era in giant's history but a different era in the history of the entire city. in 1962 fans were listening and on edge on the final day of the
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regular season. the giant's beat the houston colt 45s 2-1. while the dodgers lost to the cardinals 1-0. the giants and dodgers were tied and settled the national league pe -- pennant. after the giants won, they brought the world series to san francisco . >> you can leave it at that after all these years there's hardly a day goes by especially when i'm out and about that one don't bring up that line drive that i hit to bobby richardson. >> reporter: with that in mind you can see why the 2010 giants will always have a special place in mccubbies hard. >> i would like to think they did it for me because like i
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said i didn't get it done in 62 when i had a chance. i was up there with two men on and had a chance to drive in the winning run and i didn't get it done. so these guys came through for me. >> reporter: some players can go an entire career without making it to the postseason and that's why they get so excited when their team makes the play offs. but it's hard to imagine any player getting more excited than will clark did when the giants won the western division title in 1987 and gary park put a mic right in front of him on live television. >> here's will clark, hit me will. >> hey, what's happening. we did it. you got that right. >> you're over modulated. >> no way, no way. i've been waiting a long time for this. i went to all [ bleep ] now we're going to the pros when we come back to a second look. >> allowing jose conseco to score and he fails to get dave
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parker at second base so the oakland a's take -- take -- >> dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools.
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suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation.
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october 17 in 1989 the giants were already in series getting ready to host the oakland a's in game three, never before had the bay area's two teams met in the world series. and the sports world was a buzz as fans awaited the ball game. but then something unscheduled changed the course of history. just minutes before the game was to begin, the loma prieta earthquake hit. here's gary cal's report on what happened next. >> downtown san francisco in the background and we zoom in to candle stick park. >> reporter: at 5:04 p.m. wednesday october 17, 1989 at least 35 million americans were
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settling in to watch the world series on abc tv. tim mcarver was just calling the last play. >> the oakland a's take -- >> take -- >> we're having a -- >> [screams ] >> everything started rumbling and the ground started moving and took a step and wound up about 3 feet over there. i took another step and wound up three feet over there. then i thought, hey, i think i will stay here for a while. >> you started hearing screams, let's get out of the locker room. you could not take steps. you felt you were in a rubber
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room. i thought the stadium was coming down. >> we ask your cooperate by remaining in your seats. >> come on let's go. >> we have a power failure, therefor the game has been postponed. >> which bus is he on? >> i didn't know where i was for five second. it was the weirdest thing. i thought a migraine hit but it was an earthquake. >> it was down 2-0. the guys needed to battle back and get back in the world series that's what all our focus was on. all of a sudden the earthquake hit and believe me that focus changed in a hurry. >> by all means baseball becomes secondary to life itself. my first thought, why continue
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the world series. >> there's another crack down here half way down the stair way. >> i'm looking for my family which i didn't see one of them at the time. then i hear from the walky talkie of an officer that the bay bridge has collapsed. now i'm hoping my family was not on the bridge. couldn't make any phone calls out after a few hours the game had been cancelled. how are we going to get home? we can't go back across the bay bridge. how do we get home? you drive four hours in the other direction until you get to the other side and finally when i get to the other side, and i have detoured off the freeway, miles from where i
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live in emeryville, i pull over and i take a look at the structure. i'm still in my uniform i sit there for about an hour. i get in my car and get to san pablo, i get up at 1:00 in the morning and go back to that structure, and just start doing whatever i can to help the people that are working there. so it's been said that we are separated by water and the water wasn't the only thing that separated us. we were too totally different sides. but after the earthquake, two sides pulled together to turn something that was a real real bad tragedy into something that turned out to be really good as far as uniting the two sides. that's it for this week's second look. i'm frank somerville. i'll see you next weekend.
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